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The Quiet Music of Gently Falling Snow

Jackie Morris has created mystical and ethereal watercolor illustrations filled with polar bears dancing with women, fairies riding on the backs of snowshoe hares, giant cats, hot air balloons, birds and musical instruments of all sorts in The Quiet Music of Gently Falling Snow. The accompanying evocative tales tell stories of love, longing and forgiveness, of kings and their courts, and of the beauty, ugliness and cruelty of the world. Yet they leave the reader smiling and daydreaming about what happens next to the young lovers, musicians and numerous animals as they share music, wisdom and life with one another. The detailed wintery fantasy illustrations were first created as Christmas cards for Help Musicians UK and the musical theme runs through both the painting and fairy tales, creating a delightful blend suitable for children and adults. --Lee E. Cart, freelance writer and book reviewer