Thunder Bay Press: Get Sh*t Done by Caro Handley

Time to use up your credit if you have any!

news update
Time to make some changes...

Well, it is time.... time to make some hard decisions and changes.

We need to talk about the state of the bookstore. While we will remain open for business for now, we are going to ask that anyone that has credit with us, go ahead and try to use it up. We will be making phone calls for the next few weeks to let eveyone know that it may be a "now or never" situation. 

Susan IS retiring in a few months and the store will remain open only if someone decides to take the reins. That is our hopes but since we cannot guarentee this, we want everyone to take advantage of their "savings account" and not be taken by surprise.

It will take a long time to liquidate, with 3 warehouses of books and trades still coming in, it may take up to 6 months or more and a new owner may be found in that time, but for now, we are going to extend credit with no guarentees how long it will be there and suggest if you do bring in trade ins, you use your credit same day.

If we start any type of going out of business sale, it will be discount OR credit, but not both. Please stay tuned for updates and since no one wants to see us close, please let anyone you know that may be looking for a turnkey profitable business to come in and speak to us! We have info in the store on details. Let's hope someone comes in to save the day, really, who wants a world with out The Book Worm in Powder Springs??!!