Lion Forge: This Is a Whoopsie! by Andrew Cangelose, illustrated by Josh Shipley

Do you have store credit??

You took the time to bring in your books, you lovingly parted with them and sent them off to be loved by someone new. We rewarded you with a store credit for your kindness but now that credit may be at risk.

piggy bank

March 15th MAY be the last chance to use your credit.

Don't LOSE your store credit!!!! Use it while it's available, which may not be long, if we liquidate.

We have a over $70,000 in customer savings accounts!!! This is a call to action for anyone in our system that has money to use! Feel free to stop in the store to see if you have any, if you are uncertain.

If you want to add anyone else to your account to use your credit, that is fine as well. We just hate to see it go to waste if we start a liquidation sale and that may be soon.