Thunder Bay Press: Get Sh*t Done by Caro Handley

Use your store credit up if you have it, now is the time......

We are less than a month away from making our big decision on a liquidation sale. IF YOU have credit already or wanted to hurry up and trade in your gently used books, cds or dvds, NOW is the time. Don't delay, we just can't be sure how long we will be here. We have prospective buyers for the building that are NOT going to keep it a bookstore, and still VERY hopeful someone will raise their hand and take over our wonderful store instead, but life is uncertain for The Book Worm right now, so we don't want to have anyone say they were not told in advance that their credit will disappear.  

We over overloaded with inventory and the NO TRADE rule may be broken for MOST books that have been on the shelf for more than 365 days, just ask at the register if they qualify for using your credit on them. We still have double the inventory of the store, as well, so there is always more to select from then when you were here last, even if it was yesterday;o)

Of course, our Facebook page is always the fastest way to see if any changes are coming but the newsletter is the next quickest, so keep your eyes open. 

No credit?? Not giving up any of your fiberous friends?? Then feel free to use this coupon to save even more on discounted prices! 

See you soon!

Stock up sale