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The Book Worm's Ever Changing Future.....

We had been hopeful that by now the bookstore was under the new ownership of a fabulous pet rescue, Furkids but sadly, it just didn't work out. So now a new plan is brewing.

bookstore dream
Own a piece of heaven,email us for more details!


We  have found that we have had hundreds of people interested in buying the store but the main issue seems to be the big mighty dollar! No one feels the asking price is wrong, just the facts that we own the building and it is a large purchase for business or both business and building keeps it slightly out of most people's reach. 

So now we are thinking of the old saying, "Many hands make light work" may come into play. We are looking into going Co-op! That will mean that we will stay a bookstore but it will be, sort of, community run bookstore with many owners! We will sell shares of the business and be member/owner run, which will give members a discount and pay dividends for preferred shareholders who choose to invest more. There may be some sweat-equity shareholders too,  for those that really want to be involved but don't have enough cash to do more. There is a bit more to it, but we don't want to go into too much more in the newsletter, but do want to gather interested parties to talk about it. Feel free to forward this email to anyone you know that might want to be involved and if YOU are, just reply or stop in to sign up for our information gathering which will take place hopefully in the very near future! 

A city without a bookstore would be so sad so let's not let that happen! Join in the discussion with us!